Commercial Fleet Programs 

Service & Install All Makes & Model Commercial Trucks, Vans and Heavy Duty

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What we offer:

  • Security & Alarm Systems
  • Rearview Backup Camera Systems
  • Reverse & Parking Sensors
  • Dash Cameras & Blind Spot Detection
  • GPS Tracking  
  • Navigation Systems
  • Window Tint

Are your fleet vehicles and the workers who operate them secure? You’d like to think so, but with today’s sophisticated criminals and other modern hazards, anything’s possible. Make your fleet more secure with Stereo Zone’s products and services. We offer only the best in safety and security equipment tailored specifically for your vehicles. And, we have the best people to install them in your fleet trucks too, so that you can be rest assured your system is free potential glitches. 

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Security & Alarm Systems

We have the latest technology in aftermarket vehicle security systems and alarm systems to keep your fleet trucks safe. Our car anti theft devices and auto security systems are top of the line. Speak to us about which system would best fit your fleet!  

Rearview Backup Camera Systems

Minimize insurance claims for fender benders and single-vehicle accidents. With the state-of-the-art backup cameras we offer, your employees out in the field will be well equipped to maneuver their trucks around any obstacle.

Dash Cameras & Blind Spot Detection

Blind spot detection can keep your drivers and vehicles safe while in transit to or from the jobsite. Get the latest aftermarket vehicle accessories and technology available that can detect those blind spots created by equipment attached to your fleet trucks.

Reverse & Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are a necessity among fleet vehicle accessories, especially when your trucks have equipment attached to the back and sides that obstructs what your employees can see in the rearview and sideview mirrors.

GPS Tracking

Stereo Zone carries a range of aftermarket vehicle GPS systems that provide the right coverage for your fleet at the best prices you’ll find anywhere in the industry. Know where your vehicles are at all times with our aftermarket truck GPS products. Talk to us about finding the best system for your fleet today!

Navigation Systems

Your employees need to find their way to the jobsite and back again. Aftermarket vehicle navigation systems are a must for any business’s fleet vehicles. Rely on Stereo Zone to provide the widest selection of aftermarket fleet truck navigation systems in the Whittier, CA area.

Window Tint

For that extra layer of security and privacy your company needs, we provide fleet vehicle window tinting services. Speak to us today to receive your free price quote!

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