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Vehicle Integration. Add-ons to your Factory Radio!

Vehicle integration, also called car integration, is a super-hot area in car audio and video. We’re happy to report that Stereo Zone is years ahead when it comes to vehicle integrations. Let us know what you’re looking for, and our professional car audio team will integrate your favorite technology into your factory-installed radio. Most any vehicle. Most any technology, including:

  • Bluetooth®
  • iPod, IPhone, and Android Integration
  • Satellite radio, SiriusXM®
  • HD Radio
  • Backup cameras
  • Sound equalizers and processors
  • Lane Assistance Devices
  • Side Turning Cameras

Backup Camera Integration - Make your hindsight 20/20!

Envious of the safety features that come standard in newer model cars, but still want to keep your ride? Fear not! We here at Stereo Zone specialize in integrating backup cameras into virtually any car! A backup camera is the best way to protect your car from those “uh-oh” moments. Protect your bumper today and call us about installing a backup camera!

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Ummmm, what exactly is vehicle integration?

Here’s a great description: “Vehicle integration allows digital enthusiasts to stay connected, even when they’re in their cars.” Nice.
At its most basic that means one or both of the following:

  • Using the car as a “headset” to enable hands-free use of the phone
    -- this is really important in places that have “hands-free” laws
  • Enabling the car to play media streamed from the phone
  • Backup Camera Systems

Most-exciting area in car audio?

Note that “vehicle integration” goes by many other names, including car integration, automobile integration, phone/car integration, and car/phone integration. This is an area that has the full attention of automakers, technology firms, plus car audio and video companies. One Forbes tech magazine blogger suggested that the automobile will become “...the ultimate mobile device.” We agree.