Change Out the Look of Your Car with Window Tinting

Interested in car window tinting? Then you probably have tons of questions like “What colors are available?” or “How much tinting can I legally do?” or “Which brand of film should I ask for?” and “How much will this cost?”

Get your questions answered -- and your car windows tinted -- at Stereo Zone. Stereo Zone staffs professional installers having more than 15 of years of experience with window tint installations. And did you know that we can tint any vehicle -- from cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs to motorhomes and commercial vehicles?

The Best Window Tint Films

We’ve tried them all. We’ve tested them all. And Stereo Zone now proudly carries only the best brands of window tint film available in the United States. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Unbiased advice based on real-world experience
  • Expert installation
  • Lifetime guarantee against fading, shrinking, and peeling
  • Choice of film shades ranging from 5% to 50%

Tinting Enhances Vehicle Comfort, Protection, Appearance

Why tint? Window films block nearly 100% of UV rays. This protects you, the interior of the vehicle and its contents, and even strengthens the vehicle’s glass. Window film also reduces glare and lowers the vehicle’s cabin temperature. And, as you well know, window tinting adds a sophisticated look to any ride.

Why Viper?

Viper® window films seem to be a popular choice here at Stereo Zone. And we like using it. Here are some reasons why:

  • Various quality/price levels to meet any budget or need
  • Non-metallic formula allows radio frequency (RF) signals to pass through, which means cell phones, GPS units, tire-pressure monitoring systems, security systems, remote start systems (including Viper’s SmartStart system) will all function as they should
  • Strongest warranty in the industry
  • One-Year $5,000 Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP) when you purchase Viper window film and a Viper security system at the same time
viper window

Stereo Zone has professional installers with over 15 years’ experience in polarization of any type of vehicle, from cars, trucks, SUVs. We also apply polarized residential or commercial windows. Contact us today for Free Quote!

Car customization

Why stop at tinting? How about some new rims? Or maybe some new low-profile tires? Or some defining HID lighting? Stereo Zone has a line of additional products that will make your car look and perform like no other. Drive around in style as you fight off the approving stares and smiles.

No Appointment Necessary!  Lifetime Warranty on all Installations!

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